GAT [Graduate Admission Test] is a test for determining the capability and suitability of a student for Postgraduate studies. HEC [Higher Education Commission] requires that an applicant for higher education across the country must have qualified GAT [General] with at least a score of 50. HEC has mandated NTS [National Testing Service] to conduct and administer GAT examination, similar to the one conducted by ETS, here in Pakistan.
GAT is commonly termed as GRE Local in Pakistan. Candidates with a minimum of 16 years of education are eligible to appear in the GAT [General] Test, whereas the requirement for GAT [Subject] Test is 18 years of education. GAT score remains valid for 02 years.

HEC Scholarships and Admissions

A student applying for any HEC Scholarship [Foreign or Domestic] must have qualified GAT.

GAT [General] TEST Pattern

GAT - General Test consists of the following 03 Sections:

  • Quantitative Ability

Quantitative Ability is consisted of 02 Question Types:  
1 – Problem Solving   2 – Quantitative Comparison

  • Verbal Ability

Verbal ability is consisted of 04 Question Types:  
1 – Critical Reading   2 – Sentence Completion   3 – Analogies   4 – Antonyms

  • Analytical Ability

Analytical ability is consisted of 02 Question Types:  
1 – Analytical Reasoning   2 – Logical Reasoning

Test Types of GAT [General]:

To meet the needs of students of various disciplines GAT has been categorized into 03 Types. The difference in each category is only the number of questions in each section [weight of each section]

Category Disciplines Quantitative Verbal Analytical
  1. Engineering and Technology
  2. Business Education
30% 30% 40%
  1. Social Science
  2. Arts and Humanities
25% 50% 20%
  1. Biological and Medical Sciences
  2. Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
  3. Physical Sciences
30% 40% 30%


GAT [Subject] Test helps to evaluate, analyze, solve problems, understand relationships and interpret material in a specific area of study.
100 MCQs are distributed on the following format:

Major Subjects [Core Area] 70%
Analytical Reasoning 15%
English [Verbal] 15%


The candidate is required to register for appearing in the GAT Test as scheduled by NTS. The registration process is given below:

• Download GAT registration form [type-able] and bank deposit slip from NTS website [Registration form is available on website only]
• Deposit Rs. 800/- [Rupees Seven Hundred only] for GAT [General] Test and Deposit Rs. 1200/- [Rupees Thousand Only] for GAT [Subject] Test through online bank deposit slip in the online branches of MCB, UBL or ABL. [See bank service charges on deposit slip]
• Attach 2 photographs [1 x 1.5 inch] at the front of this Registration Form.
* All candidates are required to provide their photographs with full face exposure.


• Do not send any documents other than two photos and original bank deposit slip along with your GAT Registration Form.

Write your desired Authentication keyword of 4 digits only [for example: 1234] required for correction [in case of ambiguity] in your information on the provisional candidates' list on NTS Website. Remember this keyword and keep it with you because it will be required to submit correction query in provisional candidates' list later.

  • Tick desired Test City for desired Test Center choice. [in Para 2. of Registration Form]
  • Please tick only one field of proposed study in Para 3.
  • Please write your valid Email address [in Para 8 of the Registration Form] as your Roll No., Test Center and other information will be emailed to you at this Email address [keep checking your Emails regularly].
  • Roll No. slips and Result cards will be sent through Pakistan postal service. Give valid and clear address [in Para 10 of the Registration Form] where delivery is certain.
  • In Academic record portion [Para 12 of Registration Form], write down percentage of secured marks in Two digits only, forms having any information other than percentage will not be processed.
    -> In Academic record column "Board/ University" [Please write only particular Board name in abbreviation [e.g. FBISE Islamabad, Punjab University etc. Don't write school/college/institute name] in the Registration Form.
  • Incomplete or improperly filled Registration Forms will not be processed.
  • Please stay interactive with our website for eligible candidates list, test venue and all related information :


  • By hand submission of registration form will not be accepted.
  • The candidates will be required to apply for admission in the universities and HEC Scholarships as per their respective announcements along with a copy of the NTS result card.
  • Provisional Eligible Candidate List will be displayed on our website at least 12 days prior to the test date on first come first served basis of the Registration Form [within one week of the receipt of Registration Form]. Queries regarding provisional data will be accepted within 4 days only from the display of the provisional list.
  • Final Eligible Candidate List will be uploaded 2 days after last date of provisional list. Roll No. and Test Center will be allotted in Final Eligible Candidate list.
  • The roll number slips will be dispatched by NTS 10 days prior to the test date through Pakistan Postal Service.
  • NTS will dispatch the result card within 7 days after the test date.


What is the eligibility criteria of GAT Test?

If you are interested to apply for GAT [General] or GAT [Subject] you should have at least 16 Years of education.

From where can I get the information about the GAT Test?

You can get the information about GAT test from any of the following sources:

  • Advertisements through Print or Electronic Media
  • NTS and its Allied Institutions' Website

How do I know if I am ready for the GAT [Gen or Sub] Exam?

Try our Free GAT Practice Test, which includes a full-length test. When you finish the practice test you'll get a complete score report detailing your strengths and weaknesses. If you are satisfied with your results, then you may be ready. If you feel you still need help, join Fahim Abbasi’s Students’ Corner for the GAT Test Preparation or call us at +92-21-34991438 - 34818938 or send us an email at  &

From where can I get the GAT [Gen or Sub] Application Form?

You can get free of charge Application Forms from our Offices or download it from NTS website

How can I register for the GAT [Gen or Sub] Exam?

Fill your Application Form according to the instructions given. Submit it by paying the online Test Fee in any branch of MCB, UBL or ABL.

Does NTS confirm my registration?

After submitting the Application Form you'll get your Roll Number Slip [Call Letter] containing Roll No., Test Venue, etc on your mailing address. This slip confirms your registration. You can also visit NTS’ website for confirmation. You must take that slip with you to the test center on the day of your test otherwise you are not allowed to sit in the Examination Hall.
In case of any confusion or problems with the registration process you can the NTS Offices.

May I register on the day of examination?

The registration of candidates on the day of NTS Examination cannot be entertained. The candidate should get registered before the deadline, announced by NTS for the close of registration process.

How can I get help in case of any problem during the registration process?

If you have any confusion about the registration process you can clarify by calling the NTS Office or Contact Us.

How can I get my identification slip?

Roll Number Slip confirms your registration. It serves as your Identification Slip and also informs you about the location of the center.

How to find the place and schedule of the GAT Test?

The schedule, time, location, etc., is published through the news media and NTS’ website i.e. from where you can get further help and other information.

What should I take with me to the Test Center?

The candidate should take sharpened pencils, pen with eraser and clip-board. Besides this the candidate is also asked to show his/her Roll No. Slip.

What are the things that I should not take with me in the Test Center?

Calculators, cell phones, books, booklets, any kind of paper or cheating material are strictly not allowed to be taken inside the test center. If you are found with any of these items with you during the test you are not allowed to take the examination and be considered disqualified.

What are the other Test-taking Strategies?

  1. You are provided with a few blank pages in the test paper. You can use them for your rough work.
  2. Some formulas and helping tables are given at the end of the question paper. You can take help from those for solving the questions.
  3. Keep a very careful track of time.
  4. If you have carefully read all the directions given in the test guide, do not waste your time by reading the directions on the answer sheet. They are exactly the same as in the guide.
  5. Do not panic while solving your paper. Give each section a specific time period and try to complete every section on time.
  6. Do not leave any question unanswered. If you are confused or have no idea about a certain question, try making a guess for the right answer.
  7. Do not make any extra marks on the answer sheet. Computer might register these and consider them as another marked choice.

How can I register for the GAT [Gen or Sub] Test?

You must register to take the GAT in advance by phone or email; walk-in GAT registration at test centers is not accepted. To know about  registration please contact at: 

(At main Road) FL - 4/13, Block-5 Between NIPA & Mr. Burger
Tel: 0315-8861133 Email:

Where can I get more GAT [Gen or Sub] information?

You can contact us here at Fahim Abbasi’s Students’ Corner by calling +92-21-34991438 or  send us an email at for more information of GAT preparation & examination.

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